Much Ado About Something

As the New Year is almost upon us, I'm taking some time to produce this website to further my interests, and hopefully advance my career. Since I've been working in online marketing for over four years now, it seems a bit silly for me not to have my own website. So, here it is - I'm trying out Squarespace due to a coworker's recommendation, I hope it looks professional!

Also, on Friday I received the Canon 5D Mark III in the mail. While I have already taken some pretty nice pictures with it, I still have to delve into the most-likely several hundred page manual to figure out things like, say, how to shoot continuous photos. As this camera set me back quite a bit, I'm hoping to utilize this website to make money and turn my passion into a job. Thus, in the coming weeks after New Year's, I will be starting my own company, Keil Productions LLC, and working on all the intricate details that entails, like purchasing business insurance to cover all my photography gear.

Finally, I've got some interesting New Year's plans. It's time to nerd it up to max level. I will be hosting a small get-together consisting of a lively game of Arkham Horror, an acclaimed board game that I received as a Christmas gift and am excited to play. For the evil lord Cthulu, whom we may be faced with vanquishing tomorrow evening, I have just this to say:

"That is not dead which can eternal lie

Yet with strange aeons even death may die."

Here's a video review by a man with an awesome beard and a ridiculous Elmo knitted hat:

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