Visiting Flagstaff, Arizona in February

Sorry for the lack of updates! I visited Flagstaff, Arizona (actually, Parks, Arizona, but close enough) late last month for some fun in the snow. It was a great occasion since my good friend Mike turned 30. Besides the rampant snowball fights, my favorite part of the trip was visiting Bearizona, a somewhat pricey attraction near Williams that features plenty of black bears. The drive-through park also housed lynx, foxes, baby bears, buffalo, and other creatures great and small. We stayed in a wonderful little cabin in Parks, where it actually snowed a good two inches or so one evening. Temperatures got below 20 degrees, which is quite cool compared to what I'm used to in Phoenix. However, with some warm gloves, a thick sweater, and a knitted cap, I was well prepared for the chilly, but refreshing, weather. Enjoy the pictures!