Logan and Hanna - Pictures at Tempe Town Lake

I was asked to take some photos of my friend and roommate Logan and his girlfriend Hanna. Since this was a great opportunity to test out some of my equipment and do them a favor, I declined any payment and set out to Tempe Town Lake for a photo shoot early Sunday morning. With the temperatures already nearly at record breaking heat, even for Phoenix in early June, this had to be a fairly quick and efficient shoot to avoid the consequences of being outside in extreme heat.

We arrived at approximately 7:30 AM, and both Logan and Hanna were very gracious and patient as I fiddled (characteristically) with my equipment and fussed over getting the right pictures. Still, the shoot was over just before 9 AM, which was the time I wanted to get them, and myself, out of the heat and eat some much needed breakfast. I think the results are quite good - they definitely seemed satisfied and gave me permission to post the pictures to my website. I hope you like them.