About Me, Andrew Keil, and Keil Productions, LLC

I'm Andrew Keil, a director of photography and camera operator based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Since I shot a no-budget feature film 2011 called High Low, I've worked on documentaries, short and feature-length narratives, corporate work for brands like PetSmart, MercedesBenz AMG, and Bank of America, shot live footage for a music video, and much more. Below are some of my works. Contact me to get a quote for your next film or video project!

The Index, "53"

53 is the first of two cyber punk short films produced for director Rustin Odom's transmedia project, The Index. I was the Director of Photography for both shorts. Here's the official synopsis: "Dropout MIT students have stumbled upon a theory that will change everything we know about how the Universe works. They are not just altering the landscape of reality but rewriting it. About to prove that matter, time and existence can be manipulated through conscious thought, they unfortunately stir up the curiosity of a secret and dark faction."

Omerta: Saving Silence IndieGoGo Promotional Piece

This promotional piece was filmed for director Hayden Edgmon's feature film script and IndieGoGo campaign, Omerta: Saving Silence. I was a camera operator and cinematographer for this film. I think this film showcases some of the prettiest shots I've ever gotten!

Battery Recharge Spec Commercial

Working again with director/writer Rustin Odom, we created this spec commercial called Battery Recharge. I was the cinematographer for this funny little spec piece that could be a perfect segue-way to a resort, spa, or even a casino advertisement.

PetSmart IT Marketing/Recruitment

I shot this interview piece with Rustin Odom and PetSmart focusing on marketing and recruitment efforts for their IT team.

PetSmart Doggie Valet

Together with director Rustin Odom, we've produced several corporate training videos for PetSmart. I was the videographer for this piece focusing on their doggie valet service.

Christopher Shayne, "Give a Damn" Music Video

I worked with director and cinematographer Gordon Cowie as the camera operator for the concert footage of Christopher Shayne's official music video for the song Give a Damn. I definitely enjoyed getting this footage, and particularly like the slow-motion drummer shot.

That's What I'm Saiyan - Comedy Sketch by Malcolm & Ryan

In November of 2016, I had the pleasure to work with two improv comedy actors who are currently living in LA. Malcolm and Ryan wrote a great comedy sketch about the classic internet argument: who would win in a fight, Superman or Dragon Ball Z characters? I think it turned out great, and it was a lot of fun getting some great footage of these two ranting about their friend Kyle. Of note, the night shots at the end are pretty sweet. I used a red gel to help give it a more sinister looking.

Vincent & Me: Season 5, The Return (Parts 1 & 2)

I was honored to be a part of local improv comedian Mack Duncan's Season 5 revival of his web series, Vincent & Me. I was the cinematographer for the first two episodes, The Return (Parts 1 & 2), which was shot on virtually no budget and... with puppets! While, for the most part, the series was filmed as a comedy on a DV camera, Season 5 returned with a more serious story arc about the lives of Me and his "Canadian" roommate, Vincent. This project was one of my favorites to work on.

Rebel HQ Trump Rally Coverage

In October of 2018, I captured interviews with fervent Trump supporters at the Mesa, AZ Trump Rally for the Youtube channel Rebel HQ, a part of The Young Turks progressive media network. This rally was held just weeks before the midterm 2018 US elections.

Washington Youth Soccer Championships Coverage

In January of 2018, I was hired to capture and edit highlights of Washington Youth Soccer's boys and girls teams for the ODP West Championships in the Elite Development League, a pre-Olympic soccer league. I followed along to capture footage of their teams for the full four days of the tournament, culminating with their participation in a championship game.